Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning

In line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, assessment plays an important part in helping parents, carers and practitioners to recognise children’s progress, understand their needs and to plan activities and support.  Ongoing assessment involves practitioners observing children to understand their level of achievement, interests and learning styles, and to shape learning experiences for each child reflection those observations.

Within the nursery we take every effort to offer a wide range of stimulating activities and ideas.  These activities are designed to encourage development and will be age appropriate.

We ask all parents to complete an ‘All About Me’ prior to their child starting, this provides valuable information that helps support the child whilst settling into nursery. We endeavour to provide a calm environment where children are happy, confident and can enjoy themselves. Positive relationships are built up and between the practitioners, children and parents through the key person system which encourages children to thrive. Practitioners help children to feel valued by providing positive support through their language, praise and encouragement, which in turn helps children develop a positive sense of their own identity and culture.

The children are encouraged to learn together by taking turns, sharing and building friendships with each other. The children enjoy a variety of activities that help them to learn new skills and if able to talk through their experiences.

We ensure that resources used are relevant to children’s interests and that children have uninterrupted time and adequate space to play and explore. We recognise the importance of children to make connections, use open ended questions and support their interests during play.

One way in which we communication with parents about their child’s learning is through Tapestry. Tapestry is a secure online learning journal that we use to celebrate children’s successes and record their individual learning achievements which parents can access and contribute towards.