Our Preschool Room

The butterfly room is for our pre-school aged children and is often referred to as ‘classroom’. This room aims to promote children’s thinking skills and concentration. The room is arranged with tables where children can move freely between, choosing from a range of resources including puzzles, construction, malleable materials and many more. Children are free to work individually or with their friends and learn to work alongside each other.We also focus on helping children to develop good social skills, such as sharing and taking turns. ‘The Den’ provides a beautiful role play area for turning into a shop, hospital, doctors surgery etc. There are all kinds of dressing up clothes to stimulate the imagination and help their knowledge of the world.


We have a purpose built library with a lovely variety of books where children can chose their own to encourage a love of reading. You will also find story sacks and puppets to enable the children to act out their favourite book or rhyme. Children are free to choose what and where to play and the resources are freely accessible to them.We also offer free flow from inside to outside during the day, allowing children to independently choose to move between the different environments. Free flow offers children many learning and development opportunities and can benefit them in so many ways.

The staff are actively involved in the children’s play, finding a balance between direct involvement and quiet observations to facilitate assessment and planning. Key workers spend time on a daily basis with their key children to ensure they have opportunities to explore relevant issues, have devotion and to provide the children opportunities to express themselves in their play

In the children’s pre-school year they will learn their phonics and simple maths concepts.

The outside area is used to promote physical development and gross motor skills. The children make use of large apparatus, such as the climbing frame, stepping stones etc.

They have an all weather artificial play lawn which is used throughout the year. We also have a sensory garden where the children grow their own herbs and a mud kitchen. We have a range of outside play equipment such as tricycles, scooters, balls and hoops to encourage children to be active and develop social play skills.