Our Baby Room 0-2 years

ladybird-shapes-nursery Our ladybird room is a spacious room catering for children aged 0 – 2 years old with a 1:3 ratio of staff, where babies can enjoy and learn by exploring a wide range of resources and materials.As this is the first introduction to nursery life for your child, we believe it is important to base our daily routine around your child’s individual needs and routines that you may have put into place before attending a nursery. An individual care plan will be discussed upon registering at the nursery.

Individual daily diaries are kept informing you about rest/sleep, food and personal care routines. Your child will also have a secure online learning journal to inform you of their development whilst at nursery.

We have a separate sleep room that enables us to offer rest/sleep at times to suit your child. We also have a separate changing area.